Asparagus Retrofractus

A truly whimsical plant with its stems sprouting out delightful clusters of green goodness.

The Story

This was one of the first plants that I bought after my husband and I moved into our home. It used to just have a couple of short shoots going straight up. I typically like to buy more mature plants because I love how dramatic they can be, but I also have developed an appreciation for buying young starter plants such as this. It has been really fun to see how far its come, and the unique shape that it takes as it sprouts new growth. (:

Care Routine:

  • It has survived in partial shade, approx. 6 feet from our west window with slow growth, but I recently moved it to be only 1 foot away from the window. It thrived with more bright indirect light and put out ~3x the growth.
  • I water after the top 2 inches are dry, this plant seems to enjoy its soil being on the more moist side. Opposite of Hoyas.
  • I mix my potting soil with some peat moss, but this one hasn't been a picky plant, another reason why I love it!

“[...]They watched the sun as he sank lower and lower, and, at length, cast over sky and earth those brilliant hues which herald his departure.” Charles Dickens in Oliver Twist