Hoya Kerrii

This vining beauty boasts the most spectacular speckled foliage, sure to make your heart skip a beat.

The Story

I first saw this beauty as I was researching Hoya Obovata care. I couldn't believe such a plant existed, and began calling local nurseries to see if they had any in stock. They didn't and each one proceeded to tell me how rare of a plant it was! Well, on one fine day, I saw the Folia Collective post a picture of one they had in stock in their store. I asked if I could pay in advance and have a friend pick it up. She agreed, and then it was time to reveal to my friend how crazy of a plant lady I truly was. Thankfully this was a close friend, she was a bridesmaid actually, so she totally accepts my peculiarities and...she picked up the plant. A few months later, my husband and I took a 6 hr road trip down to SoCal to visit her and another close friend. We returned with this Hoya Kerrii. 

Care Routine:

  • Bright indirect light (it sees the sky, but is not within the sun's direct line of vision)
  • Allow it to dry out in between waterings, wait until older leaves are tender to the touch
  • I mix my potting soil with equal parts perlite aka sponge rock
  • Train on a trellis as vines stiffen over time.
  • I used to mist, never again. I found misting for this particular plant led to the development of fungal spots on its leaves. I would suggest increasing humidity by grouping your plants together or keeping moist peat around the plant. 
  • Occasionally, I have had a new baby leaf turn yellow or pink and then fall off. I believe this was due to lack of light.


“[...] It seemed as though the outpouring of her fresh young heart, claimed kindred with the loveliest things in nature.” Charles Dickens in Oliver Twist