Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are you so crazy?
    Just kidding, I haven't been asked my face yet. I have been told, though. Being crazy about plants doesn't seem like the worst thing though.

  • What made you decide to create this blog?
    You. I have been so humbled and encouraged by so many of you through my Instagram page. I know there are a million accounts (probably more) that you could follow, but you have decided to journey with me, create with me, and connect with me. That is where my greatest inspiration comes from. I want to share my life with you, not just around plants, but my lifestyle and how I live in this seemingly beautiful yet broken world. I am beyond thrilled to share my passion for planting well, thinking creatively, and living simply. Okay, I'd be lying if I didn't say this was for me, too. I love writing, and this gives me an outlet to do so.

  • When did your love for Plants start?
    I have always loved nature, but growing up my home was filled with 50% fake plants, and the other 50% were orchids. I do have some memories, of my mom taking me to Sloat Gardens but I don't know if I had developed the art of taking time to smell the flowers, literally and figuratively speaking. When my husband and I got married, and we visited our first nursery together, that was the start. My eyes were opened to the incredible variety that was out there and the loveliness of growing life in the form of plants. I also have to say the Instagram plant community has been inspirational, and I am so happy that it has gotten more people, like myself, into owning plants. It is such a wonderful hobby because of all that there is to learn and its fairly inexpensive to collect.

  • How can I tell if a post is sponsored?
    I will always disclose when a post is sponsored. Words cannot adequately emphasize how much I value the trust of my followers. I hope my actions will show this as I thoughtfully consider which brands I decide to share with you. I will never share something I have not tried, nor will I ever share a brand whose vision I do not share. I only share what I personally love, what makes my days a little brighter, and what makes my moments a little more special. I know how hard it is to sift through all that is out there in the world of consumerism. For that reason, I find value in sharing products with you that are the culmination of hours of research that I have done to find brands that are passionate and excellent in what they do. Why? Behind those brands are passionate and excellent people who took a risk to start a business to meet a need they believed in. I am all for supporting those people.

  • How do you pick your sponsors?
    I actually am the one to reach out to a majority of my sponsors because I care deeply about the content I create and what I recommend to my readers. I do not want to just promote whoever is willing to send me free product or pay for advertisement. It is crucial that I believe in the company's vision, how they source their products, and how they care for their customers. Moreover, I care to build a personal relationship with the people behind the brand because I want to see their passion for what they do. It's hard to own a business, and I have nothing but respect and admiration for people who took risks to turn their dreams into businesses that make our world a better, more beautiful place. Those are the people, the brands, that I want to share with you.

  • Do you have to talk about your faith?
    Kinda yeah, I know it's touchy but I hope at least on this platform we can here each other out without judgments and with compassion. It's a big part of me and so it naturally comes out in my thoughts. I respect people of all different beliefs, and in no way am I trying to push my faith on my readers. The last thing I want to do is offend or hurt anyone through my words. My life changed when I realized that I was broken as a human, in need of a Savior, that the Savior came in Jesus and that there's a God says I am forgiven, redeemed and loved. It's changed why I create, what I create, and how I create. I feel vulnerable in sharing my faith but I hope we can respect differences and love the human in one another. I am open to having discussions and I think 1:1 is the best place to have them. Send me a message through my contact page if you want to talk more. And if you don't want to talk more, I am 100% okay with that.

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