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    Hi, it's nice to meet you


My name is Amy and I suppose I am many SF Native, Proud UC Davis Alumni, speech-language pathologist, wife, sister, but most of all I am a daughter of the one true King. As I write, I wonder if this blog is a good idea. I started my plant Instagram earlier this year and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of social media. Last week, a friend was so excited to see my account growing and I simply told her...I’m scared. Scared of what “growing” could do to me subtly and not so subtly. I don’t want to be addicted, I don’t want my mind to be consumed with thoughts of “How many followers did I get today?,” “How many likes did my post get?,” “That’s it?? Sad face.” I struggle to find that balance, the balance between using Instagram as a place to inspire, connect, and encourage...but not being consumed by it in the process.

There is something that happens in the brain when you get a like or a follower, I think it’s the same thing that happens to a child who is praised for achieving good grades, or to an employee when they get a raise...You want more, more praise, more money, more (fill in the blank). I believe there should be a healthy fear/awareness of what not only social media, but this world can do. There is so much in this world that can steal our contentment from us, popular culture has almost been designed to put us all in a state of constant want.

Yet, there is hope. It is a hope, not in something to come, but in someone who has come. I have found my hope in my faith, and I pray everyday for the grace to cherish what I have been given (with none of it deserved), yet long for what is to come which is infinitely more fulfilling than anything this world has to offer. It is this hope that enables me to want good & beautiful things, but not make them the ultimate thing.  It is this hope that inspires me everyday to live with creativity, passion, and simplicity. It is this hope, that gives me the courage to create this blog.

For this reason, I gladly write for you, but undoubtedly write for an audience of one.

Life is a gift and a journey (not easy, not always beautiful, but always worth it). I would be honored if you choose to go on this journey with me. 

Here’s to staying rooted in love, always.