Renewal in Essential Oils

For me, essential oils started out as an ingredient in making edible play-doh for the kids that I work with (such a mess, but so much fun!). Then, I got my dream job at a school that uses essential oils daily to provide sensory input for its students. The school also has diffusers dispersed throughout the building, so I feel like I'm walking into a spa everyday! I know, I am blessed to work in such a magical place. Well, I started thinking that I wanted essential oils in my home. Hence, the overwhelming search for the best essential oil brand began.

 I came across Vitruvi and fell in love with their story and passion for what they do. Vitruvi is a company devoted to inspiring us to take time for ourselves in a small but luxurious way. Their oils are 100% pure with zero fillers, diluting oils, synthetic fragrances, or unnatural components of any kind. They strive to source organic oils when possible, and they are just so obviously passionate about what they do. Yay.


Do you have a favorite essential oil scent? :)