The Thought Behind the Shelf

Let's get creative! I'll walk you through my thought process behind decorating this shelf(:

home decor.jpg

There is beauty in different shapes and sizes.

Consider length: I typically start with adding trailing  plants because it gives another dimension to the shelf which I love. Here, I started with the hoya linearis, and the hoya obovata.
Consider perspective: which plants might look nicer laid on its side, the lipstick plant fit the bill as I appreciate the plant more for its top than its profile view. I loved how it had a few leaves that dangled over the edge, too!
Consider height: From there, I thought about some of the smaller plants I have because the distance between the shelves is only ~6 inches so a lot of my plants would have looked squished. That's where the cactus and tiny pots came in! 
Consider spacing: I tried to space plants apart so that no plant was directly above/below another. I had to consider the shelf as a whole, rather than looking at each level.
Consider fillers: I love pairing my plants with candles and ceramics.  I added a vase and a knob just to create varying levels of height. You can find this picture on my Instagram, where I asked my instagram fam what they liked to place next to their plants. I loved their suggestions: crystals, wood pieces, antique brass, vintage toys, twinkle lights, books, nature bits. Check out the post for the full list! In short, mixed materials adds depth to your shelf. A simple way I did this was by adding a wooden coaster under a terracotta pot.