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washable paper: sustainable, minimalist, and elegant

The Story

I was browsing through UASHMAMA's website after falling in love with their about me, and hearing the story behind their products. When I saw their placemats. I was immediately in love with its minimalist yet elegant design. So I asked them if we could do a post for product exchange because if we're being honest, I just finished grad school and don't have the money to spend on the things I would really want to buy if I had the means. I'm blessed that through my social media platforms, I can receive quality products, and share it in a creative way with all of you! It is a win-win, and I love being able to create new and fun content! I'm always looking for things that my instagram fam would love...Likewise we plant people are always looking for new ways to elevate our plant styling, and I knew these placemats would do just that! So...let's have some fun! (:

The Vision

I wanted a no-fuss, no-hole, way to add some color to my white walls. Yes, that's right. No holes, I drilled ZERO additional holes to add these as backdrops to my already hanging plants.  How did I do that? My plants are hanging by picture hooks, and the UASHMAMA placemat is slim and lightweight so it fit perfectly underneath the picture hook. All I did was simply slide it behind the hook and the tension between the hook and wall hold it in place! I had a lot of fun playing around with different positions for the mat. I love how rotating it 160 degrees one way creates a totally different look. 

Picking the Placemat:

Wherever you shop, look at the placemat section. You might find something that makes a wonderful plant backdrop. Think about the plant you have, and the colors. I loved putting dark greens against the pink, and pink against pink. The tan color will go with any color of foliage I  think! Think about the material of the place mat next, will it be easy to hang? Is it light weight? And now, a big question I try to ask myself is, "Is it sustainable?" 

You can buy UASHMAMA sustainable products here.  Their washable paper is made through cultivation, rather than deforestation. What are some other sustainable brands that you love? I'm just stepping into this world and dying to learn more!